Preview: The Spitfire Grill

Rehearsal EHolt SGCalgary Theatre Critic, Stephen Hunt interviewed Elinor Holt, guest artist and newcomer to the Rosebud Theatre stage, as he takes a closer look at Rosebud Theatre's upcoming show,The Spitfire Grill.

Spitfire, with a music and book by James Valcq and Fred Alley, was a well-received Broadway musical back in 2001, but in sound and spirit and theme, it feels every bit like a musical that was made for the stage at the Rosebud Opera House, Holt says.

"It’s character driven, it’s story driven, there’s not the big song and dance numbers – but the story is definitely told through song and the plot advances through song, and the songs are quite beautiful. It’s more of a folk musical.”

“It’s the perfect musical for a small town,” she says,  “and for this town. Right down to being set in a valley.” Read the full article

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