Rosebud Theatre is a hidden gem that excels in combining delicious food, gracious hospitality, and professional live theatre and entertainment in a serene and peaceful river valley. Come live the Rosebud Experience.

We’re back! 

We’ve never really been gone - just in standby, waiting in the wings for the cue to make an entrance again. Well, we’ve been given the cue, and we’re opening two shows in the next two months. We’re excited to bring in a show that has been selling out everywhere it’s played called Tomatoes Tried To Kill Me, But Banjos Saved My Life. It’s a musical true story about starting over again, written and performed by the man whose story it is - Keith Alessi. It’s something of a miracle story about beginning again, so a pretty wonderful way for us to come back to the stage. 

Then we’ll bring back our gorgeous production of Ron Reed’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol, starring Nathan Schmidt in all of the roles in the story! It also happens to be a story about a new beginning. You might recall that we opened the show last Christmas for 2 short and lively weeks before having to close it due to COVID. Here’s a chance for everyone who hasn’t to see it, and those that want to see it again, to do so!

We’ll be following the pandemic safety protocols that allow us to re-open and enable our patrons to safely experience dinner and live theatre again. (Please see our COVID Information page for details.) Welcome back everyone. We can’t wait to see you in Rosebud again!

Morris Ertman –Artistic Director

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