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Friday Night Talk-Backs are Back!

Every Friday night please join us in the Opera House after the performance for post-show conversation with the actors, and quite often the director as well.

The cast will engage with you about the show, the design, the process, anything you like! The conversation is always insightful and interesting, and we get a chance to connect with you.

Please join us!

When Our World Went Dark… Theatre Artists Kept Creating

Akokiniskway Gallery
June 17 – August 28, 2022

When the world went dark due to the shutdown in March of 2020, the lives and livelihoods of many in the live performance sector were radically altered. Actors, directors, designers, and so many more, lost contracts, jobs, and their primary creative outlet. However, the creative spirit is nothing if not strong and resilient. RSA graduate Rebbekah Odgen has curated a stunning gallery show of Rosebud-connected artists whose theatre lives were significantly impacted by the COVID shutdowns. Without theatre, many turned to painting. For some, this was an entirely new artform, one that brought joy and excitement, and for others it was like returning to the embrace of an old friend. With each piece created in the last two years, this show is an expression of what happens when the creative spirit of the theatre is revealed through another artform.

Featuring artwork by:
Rebbekah Ogden
Kendra Hutchinson
Anja Darien
Randall Wiebe
Kyla Ferrier

When Our World Went Dark – Theatre Artists Kept Creating is showing Wednesdays – Saturdays!
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