Health & Safety at Rosebud Theatre

We are so pleased to welcome everyone back to dinner & theatre in Rosebud!

We continue to make the health and safety of our guests our top priority.  To that end we have upgraded the ventilation system in the Opera House and the Studio Stage with MERV 13 filters.

Rosebud staff will still be masking indoors, and we ask our guests to do the same for the sake of their fellow patrons. We want to ensure those guests who may be elderly, or who are part of a more vulnerable sector of the population, are as safe as possible. In addition to that, we want to maintain the safety of our delicious buffet for everyone to enjoy. And finally, we want to ensure our actors on stage remain as safe as possible so they can continue to delight audiences throughout the run of the show. Rosebud Theatre will continue this protocol until the end of April and will monitor the state of COVID in the Province, adapting our policies accordingly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do all we can to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy warm hospitality, delicious food, and great theatre. Please check back for further updates.

Health and Safety Protocols at Rosebud Theatre

While the Provincial indoor masking mandate has been lifted, Rosebud Theatre is asking all guests to continue indoor masking at all times, except when seated at your table to dine on Chef Mo’s delicious food. As mentioned above, this is to protect our guests, staff, and actors on stage.

Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the Mercantile and at the buffet line. We ask that you sanitize your hands and wear your mask whenever you head to the buffet.

If you feel unsafe about sitting in the theatre, please inquire with box office about ensuring you have an empty seat between you and the next party.

If you feel unwell or are experiencing any potential COVID symptoms (new onset of cough or worsening chronic cough, fever, new or worsening shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, runny nose, sore throat, loss of sense of smell or taste), we ask that you re-book your tickets for a time when you are feeling better. Our box office staff will be happy to help you with this.

Come back to the theatre to experience beauty, wonder and laughter with a community of friends who are as excited to participate in live theatre as you are! We’ll do it together, as safely as possible, and Rosebud will again be filled with the buzz that only live theatre can offer. We look forward to seeing you, and offering a place where hearts and minds can find common ground in a time where we so desperately need to be together!

We continue to work closely with Alberta Health Services to ensure our safety measures and precautions meet or exceed all legislated requirements.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-267-7553.

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