Artistic Director Message

There’s nothing quite like summer in Rosebud - front yards filled with flowers and vegetable gardens, children running pell-mell around town, students rushing to the Mercantile so they can sing around the tables, outdoor dining on the patio, birds flitting everywhere, farmers meeting at the mailboxes, painters setting up easels in scenic spots throughout town, pie, ice cream - all the wonderful things one associates with a small town. And that’s just the setting for a summer festival of Plays, Musicals, and Music that make a trip to Rosebud even more worthwhile! We’re a village full of artists and craftspeople who have the privilege to share our theatrical and musical wares with you.

On the Opera House stage this summer, we’re featuring a musical called Songs For A New World by Jason Robert Brown. Music has the amazing ability to bypass all our daily worries and go straight to the heart where it inevitably puts one’s body into a groove that makes one want to dance, or drift into the mystery of its melody in ways that change how we feel about the world. Songs For A New World is exactly what the title suggests. It’s a musical full of songs that celebrate new life and new possibilities, seeding the heart with hope. And we’ve gathered an amazing cast and band to bring this show to life for you!

On the Rosebud Studio Stage, a play called Every Brilliant Thing that tells the story of a woman for whom the miracle of the everyday is the lens that allows her to overcome depression and loss. The play is a delight, and you’ll find yourself literally caught up in the story as you actively participate in the telling of it. It’s a magical experience! And to round out your summer festival experience, every Saturday at 4 pm, there will be an open air concert on the Festival Stage just west of the Opera House. We have a stellar lineup of artists cued up to entertain you. There’s the Rosebud Chamber Music Festival and 15 Minutes of Fame as well. What could be more wonderful than getting lost in a day full of music and theatre and great dining and more, in a setting that has been a source of inspiration for hundreds of years, starting with the voices of First Nations people singing, telling story, and watching their children run pell-mell through the valley. There are settings made by our Creator that cradle love and family and friendship. The Rosebud Valley is one of those places.

Join us along the storied Rosebud River where The Group of Seven painted, Sam McGee (the real Sam McGee from the poem by Robert Service) is buried, and where eagles and owls and other creatures, that are as much myth as they are wildlife, glide in the sky above you. And there have been angel sightings - some of them formed by white blooms in foliage on the hillside, some by cloud formations, and some that can’t quite be explained. The whole place is a kind of mysterious invitation where meaning is made manifest in stories that connect to the experience of people’s lives in ways that matter.

See you soon, in a thin place called Rosebud where the sky meets the earth at a horizon that seems like you could touch the sky on tiptoes.

Morris Ertman - Artistic Director