A Thin Place Between Heaven and Earth

Rosebud Theatre
July 21, 2020

Rosebud, Alberta - A Thin Place Between Heaven and Earth
Short documentary highlights hidden gem, Rosebud, Alberta

Rosebud, Alberta (July 20,2020) - Rosebud Theatre & School of the Arts exist to enrich lives by expressing God’s gifts of creativity, hope, joy, forgiveness, and love, through the arts. It's the core of their mission and it happens through training young people to be the storytellers of the future, through presenting professional theatre on our stages, and offering warm hospitality in our dining rooms that feed body and soul. Good stories, well-told have the power to transform individuals, and thereby transform culture.

The story of Rosebud is one of those good stories, and the recent documentary titled Rosebud, Alberta is extremely well-told. In just 20 minutes, this stunning film captures the magic that is a day-in-the-life of the hamlet, population 87. In the film, Rosebud Theatre’s Artistic Director, Morris Ertman, speaks of Rosebud as being a “thin place”; a place where heaven and earth are a little closer to each other and therefore the interaction between human beings is more profound.

"Long before us, the Rosebud Valley was the winter camp for First Nations peoples, and was referenced as a valley where the nations met in peace," Rosebud Theatre's Artistic Director, Morris Ertman explains. "I think it started then - this idea of a spiritual place that brought people and heaven and earth together. The tradition of mystical storytelling and the inevitable hospitality that comes with it continues to live in this place, in part because we actually believe stories are a way in which people experience a kind of transcendence in the midst of their everyday lives.”

One of Rosebud Theatre & School of the Arts' prayers is that people who come to Rosebud would feel a little closer to heaven, because there is an open invitation to the Creator of the universe to participate, demonstrated at the very least in the natural beauty of the valley itself. Infact, LaVerne Erickson, Rosebud School of the Arts’ founder, imagined a place where little miracles would happen for people as they spent time in this valley, and that dream is coming true. Again and again patrons and students reference deep spiritual connections and awakenings, as well as serendipitous “happenings" for people as they share with each other over delicious food and experience great storytelling in the theatre.

These COVID times have hit Rosebud extremely hard, eliminating ticket sales for the entire season, their main revenue stream. They've cut all expenses, utilized government support, and have been actively fundraising. Whether one believes in a Creator or not, a group of people in a mystical little valley are gathered together in the name of that Creator, encouraged to carry on because patrons and donors and the kindness of strangers are all part of a Divine provision that give hope and renewed purpose to the mission of Rosebud Theatre & School of the Arts.

Please watch and share the story of Rosebud far and wide with everyone you know. Watch the full documentary.

Enjoy a brief clip of Morris Ertman, Artistic Director of Rosebud Theatre, describing what makes Rosebud "a thin place" where Heaven and Earth meet.

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About Rosebud Theatre & School of the Arts

Rosebud Theatre & School of the Arts is located an hour’s drive northeast of Calgary, nestled in the picturesque country hamlet of Rosebud, Alberta. In its 37th season, Rosebud Theatre is one of Alberta’s premiere theatre companies with an international reputation as an excellent Canadian destination for live theatre. In 2012, it was named one of the 25 Most Innovative Organizations by Alberta Venture Magazine. In past years, Rosebud Theatre has also received multiple awards including Travel Alberta’s “Alberta Pride” ALTO Award, the “Rural Tourism Champion” award and the Rozsa Award. Annually, more than 35,000 guests enjoy the “Rosebud Experience” of professional theatre, complemented by unique dining, art galleries, museums and shopping. Rosebud Theatre originated from Rosebud School of the Arts, a post-secondary educational institution that offers conservatory training in theatre and music to students. Rosebud Theatre allows students to be mentored and work alongside professional resident and guest artists providing unique and incredibly valuable learning opportunities.

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A Thin Place Between Heaven and Earth

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