Tent Meeting in Rosebud

It's a summer of drought, with George and Dolly living in two solitudes - he outside in the yard railing at the heavens and she inside a tidy well-kept house, practicing piano for the tent meeting coming to town. When the meeting does come, it brings an old friendship gone sour. This is the story about a tent meeting around which long lost friendships and a marriage are restored in a troubled time. It is a story about gospel music and the mystery of four part harmonies that entertain and reach their melodies deep into the spirit!  Read More

Akokiniskway Gallery

Watchdog by Karen RichterMake sure you leave some time to visit the Akokiniskway Gallery in Rosebud on your next visit. Through to the end of August, beautiful artwork of the scenic Canadian Badlands will be on display. Stop by July 16 for the first of 3 Meet & Greets, where guests have the opportunity to speak directly with the 4 talented artists whose work is displayed.

More about the Akokiniskway Gallery

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