where it all began

At first glance, Rosebud is a typical prairie hamlet. Nestled in a cozy river valley that winds through fields of wheat and magnificent badlands, Rosebud is a peacefully picturesque community with rural roots and country charm. There is no gas station, no convenience store, and fewer than 100 residents, but Rosebud is a vital tourist and fine arts community visited by over 35,000 people every year.

In 1973, LaVerne Erickson, started the Rosebud Camp of the Arts as a summer outreach program for Calgary youth who had rarely been outside of the city. The summer programs soon expanded into weekend vacations throughout the school year and in 1977 the Rosebud Fine Arts High School was formed with five students attending.

As part of Rosebud’s centenary in 1983, the School’s drama department launched the Rosebud Historical Music Theatre. Staff and students wrote the play, rehearsed it, and performed it on an outdoor stage, drawing hundreds of interested theatre goers. Thus, began the widely-acclaimed Rosebud Theatre which now attracts thousands annually to its productions.

Fast-forward to today and Rosebud School of the Arts is now a post-secondary guild school focused on theatre, music and creative arts ministry training and Rosebud Theatre produces professional plays throughout the year at two venues, the Rosebud Opera House and at the BMO Studio Stage. Offering matinee and evening shows up to seven times a week, each Opera House performance includes a full buffet and live dinner music in the quaint setting of the historic Haskayne-Kenney Mercantile.

Rosebud Theatre, however, presents more than theatre, we offer an experience. From the moment you step into your vehicle to make the journey to Rosebud, to your return home, your visit in our community and the captivating story on stage will create fond memories. Soon you will be planning your next visit.

Rosebud Theatre is located on Highway 840, in Rosebud, Alberta, Canada approximately 100 km northeast of Calgary, and 35 km southwest of Drumheller. The name Rosebud derives from the native term Akokiniskway, which means “valley of roses.”