Underneath the Lintel... in Vancouver!

January 15, 2015

Rosebud Theatre's 2013 production of Underneath the Lintel has travelled (much like its protagonist) to another city! Playing at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver from January 10 - 31, director Paul Muir and actor Nathan Schmidt have transported this riveting story to another location to rave reviews!

"Under Paul F. Muir’s direction, Nathan Schmidt’s librarian is a thoroughly captivating character, simultaneously self-aware and oblivious as he begins to shake off the carapace of his routines and awaken to new possibilities... Underneath the Lintel is a profoundly life-affirming experience." - Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

"Glen Berger’s Underneath the Lintel works on a number of levels, but where this play ultimately succeeds or fails is in the performance of its sole character, the Librarian... Actor Nathan Schmidt rises to the challenges of the Librarian, walking a fine line between the meta and the physical, there are moments of pure lucidity that are contrasted by the murkiness of his obsession. A terrific story-teller, director Paul F. Muir rarely lets Schmidt rest, much like the character he is trying to find (a clue). - Vancouver Presents

"...the performance, direction and production can’t be faulted. I came close to envying the Librarian’s eventual, excited, optimistic, “I am here.” - Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier.

Underneath the Lintel... in Vancouver!

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