Rosebud's Young Company: Hannah Andersen & Kaia Wilson

December 15, 2016

This week we’re talking with actresses Hannah Andersen and Kaia Wilson, currently making their debuts on the Rosebud stage alternating the role of Susan Walker in 'Miracle on 34th Street.' Hannah is in Grade 3 and in her spare time you can find her horseback riding, playing with her animals, or spending time with her family. Kaia is 8 years old, born and raised in Rosebud, and has always had a strong love of theatre. She was first inspired to act when she saw Rosebud’s 2013 production of ‘Chickens’.

Is this your first show?

Hannah: Yes, this is my first show.

Kaia: Mm hm. First I’ve ever done on the Rosebud Theatre stage.

What was your favorite part about rehearsal?

H: My favorite part of rehearsal was the reaction from all my fellow cast mates when they realized I was already off-book at first read-through.

K: I don’t know. Probably some of the run-throughs at the church. But then coming here [to the actual stage] I got super surprised with all the stuff, it was so different from the stuff in the church.

What do you like best about your character?

K: Oh, that’s a hard question.

H: I like the journey of being a girl who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus to becoming the little girl who does.

Do you have a favorite line or scene?

H: My favorite line is where I yell at Mr. Gailey for being late to Thanksgiving dinner.

K: Probably the monkey business. That’s what we call it. Favorite line? I think probably I like the lines in the first scene and the second scene. It’s kind of hard to find out which one I like most, because I like most of my lines.

Kaia Wilson and Tim Dixon's 'Monkey Business'. Photo by Morris Ertman.

Do you ever get nervous?

H: I did get nervous at the beginning but I would pray and everything would be great… and now I still pray but don’t get as nervous… unless it’s someone I know sitting in the front row. Then I just work hard at not smiling.

K: No. Well, the first time, yes, I was a bit nervous. But now I’m not. Half of the run through on the first [show] was nervous for me. The second time I liked it and I wasn’t nervous anymore.

Has there been a funny moment in performance?

K: Once my hat fell offstage. It fell on the floor when I was talking to Kris Kringle about school. So, the first time Santa Claus picked it up and put in on the chair, and then it fell off again, but the second time it rolled OFF the stage. One of the people in the audience that was in the front row picked it up and put it on stage. And I picked it up while I was passing through.

Do you believe in Santa?
K: Yes!
Sure do!

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

H: Celebrating with my whole family!
K: Eating a turkey dinner. Also I like opening the presents.

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

K: Maybe Gingerbread cookies, but I also like Ginger Snaps. But I also like sugar cookies.

H: Gingerbread.

What’s a show (or character) you’d like to play someday?

H: I would like to be Lucy from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

K: Hmm. I think one of the characters in The Sound of Music. I don’t think I’d be young enough for Gretl, but I forget the name of the girl between Liesl and Gretl. Marta, I think it was Marta.

What advice would you give kids who want to act?

H: That’s a hard one, as this is my first role.

K: It’s really fun, but also, on the first day it can be pretty hard to do, because there’s so many people watching you. Just pretend it’s a rehearsal, that’s what I usually do.

What do you want for Christmas?

H: I would love a sweater with thumb holes.

K: There are a few things I’m asking for: a Zoomer Puppy and a Zoomer Monkey, and an E-Z bake Oven with lots of food mix, a china tea set, and a doll.

Lastly, is there anything next for you, coming up?

H: I will be focusing a lot of my attention on my new pony Kiwi! She’s great!

K: On Tuesday is our opening for our school show. I’m being an angel. We get to dance around pretty green ribbons and stuff. There’s a show in the show called Goldie and the Wise Guys, but the whole thing is called Unplugged Christmas.
I’m also thinking about recording a CD sometime… I’ve written one song, and I need to finish my other song. My mom might help with her friends Alix and Lauren. [a.k.a., the Dearhearts]. But yeah.

Rosebud's Young Company: Hannah Andersen & Kaia Wilson

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