Rosebud Theatre Shines In New Documentary

Natalie Johnstone, Strathmore Now
May 27, 2020

With so many restrictions in place, many businesses and non-profit organizations are being affected currently and will feel the effects of the economic shutdown in the long term, Rosebud Theatre is one of those that is dealing first hand with the uncertainty day-to-day.

As the theatre is currently going through a difficult time two Canadian filmmakers Eric Pauls and Michael Janke will be premiering their documentary "Rosebud Alberta."

"Thursday evening it debuts at 7 p.m. go to and you will find the documentary there it's a 20-minute documentary beautifully done and it is a day in the life of Rosebud," said Morris Ertman, Artistic Director with Rosebud Theatre.

Janke and Pauls visited the small town gem in the prairies in 2018 and while they visited they felt the inspiration to capture the magic and the feeling of the hamlet of Rosebud, this short film has won awards across Canada at multiple festivals.

Ertman notes the two filmmakers managed to capture the two sides to Rosebud, one side where there is the peace and the stillness of the town before the guests arrive, to the bustle of the actors getting ready, the staff in the dining room to the end of an evening when theatre guests emerge out of the theatre under a star-filled night sky.  The premiere on May 28th is part of a fundraising effort for Rosebud Theatre, along with this, two generous benefactors will match all donations up to $50,000.

In it's 37th year the hamlet of Rosebud with a population of fewer than 100 people would normally welcome over 35,000 guests to enjoy their productions and with 80 per cent of that revenue coming from door sales, these current measures have affected the entire community from students, staff, artisans, business owners, performers, and residents.

Currently, with the physical distancing guidelines, Rosebud Theatre has cancelled their spring show and they have announced that the summer show is now also cancelled. "We have a series of dates where we will reevaluate, right now we can't open a show in the summer and none of the things we have programmed we can do in the summer. We have a cutoff date partway through the summer where we will have to make a decision about the fall based on what we know at the time," said Ertman.

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Rosebud Theatre Shines In New Documentary

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Natalie Johnstone, Strathmore Now