Rosebud documentary premiering online to ensure Rosebud Lives!

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May 26, 2020

Anyone who has visited Rosebud, Alberta, has felt the creative magic of this special little hamlet, nestled in a valley below the Alberta prairies.

Rosebud brims with arts, culture and small-town simplicity.

Here, the Rosebud School of the Arts provides training for students wanting to pursue a career in professional theatre.

Local shops, galleries and museums provide context to over 35,000 visitors a year who come to experience Rosebud Theatre productions. Not bad for a place which according to a 2016 census, boasts a population of 87. This is a unique enclave of artists, teachers, B&B operators, shop owners and students, each with a connection to the theatre or school.

Unfortunately, current physical distancing guidelines have caused the theatre to cancel their spring and summer shows. This means that both the school and theatre are in a dire position and that the town too could be in real trouble. “We’re a ridiculous ecosystem that shouldn’t be, and will continue to be against all odds, if we can just get over this hump…” commented Morris Ertman, Artistic Director of Rosebud Theatre.

Fortuitously, Canadian film makers Eric Pauls and Michael Janke visited the prairie oasis in 2018 and were inspired to create a documentary about it. This beautiful short film has won awards at festivals across Canada, including an Official Selection at the Edmonton International Film Festival where it premiered. Since the film’s festival run has been cut short due to COVID-19, the filmmakers have turned their sights to helping save the town and theatre that inspired the film.

Join us May 28 at 7 p.m. when “Rosebud,Alberta” will premiere online at

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Rosebud documentary premiering online to ensure Rosebud Lives!

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Contributed, Prairie Post