Reviews for Skin are In!

April 13, 2017

The Skin of Our Teeth has opened on our 2017 MainStage and here's what critics and audience members have to say about this incomparable show!

The Skin of Our Teeth Delicious Satire
Louis B. Hobson - Calgary Herald
"Its themes couldn't be more relevant... If you want to know why it is held in such esteem, just drive out and catch Morris Ertman's production of this allegorical comedy at Rosebud."

"[Heather] Pattengale is a marvel of wit, irony, humour, manipulation, and seduction. She is her own tempest in a teapot.... [Declan] O'Reilly is a beautifully befuddled everyman with [Jeany] Van Meltebeke as a bastion of rigid common sense."

The Half-Step
Stephen Hunt

"The curtain rises on Rosebud's 2017 season with a truly epic production that's ambitious, occasionally bewildering, funny - and ultimately, quite moving."
"Pattengale's Sabina is willful and funny, a charismatic dynamo... Sabina keeps the pedal to the metal, in a knockout of a performance by Pattengale, who seems to hit it out of the park in every single role she performs. She's matched by O'Reilly... a hugely sympathetic actor who runs the full emotional range, from paternal to scoundrel to fool, across the breadth of time - and somehow makes it all feel plausible."
"And all of a sudden, you realize that underneath all of the end-of-times scenarios, The Skin of Our Teeth delivers one sure-fire truth that resonated across the stage and into the sold-out opera house Saturday afternoon: when all else is falling apart around you - including the planet - the only safe haven a person can really count on, is family."

The Strathmore Standard
Monique Massiah

"Be prepared to be confused, bamboozled, and have a good giggle when you watch Rosebud's production of Thornton Wilder's The Skin of Our Teeth... [it's] a madcap wild ride."

'The Skin of Our Teeth' a Story of Hope
Sara Dreidger - The Brooks Bulletin

"Rosebud's charm is outdone only by its commitment to excellence...There is a beautiful chaos that emerges, leaving a profound impact on its audience. This is a story of hope - hope for society as a whole to seek the highest good together and to embrace our oneness as a human race."

And from our patrons...

"... One of the best plays I've seen in recent years. It's an honest reflection of the best and worst of humanity: our love, our hate, our ingenuity, our idiocy... it's all there. I felt it was performed with great passion, and I applaud the bold choice to mount this show. Fantastic work, everyone!"
Adam C. Schnell

"Congratulations to [Morris], your cast and crew for a brilliant evening of theatre. As you are aware, I have seen almost all of Rosebud Theatre's productions over the past 15 years and Skin of Our Teeth ranks one of the best, if not THE best production I have seen on the Rosebud Stage. Thank you so much...I've been thinking about it all week."
Kenna Ricard

"When my father died, my older brother offered a sermon about who God is not. It was a relevant topic considering the tragedy of the circumstance and the constellation of unanswered prayers. Although there are no cadavers or morticians, theatre is a lot like a funeral. People gather together for a purpose... to see, hear, feel and relate. If the production is of sufficient quality, attendees go away with unanswered questions. The unanswered questions are thought provoking.

...Like a painting by Monet or Pollock, [The Skin of Our Teeth] isn't a linear replication of a particular reality or storyline. Rather, it is an impression. Artistic impressions are challenging because there is no guaranteed transaction in terms of paying money to feel good. The Skin of Our Teeth is a two hour long, subjective (and brilliant) poem about the human condition. It is a superbly acted, Orwellian-like dystopia, that critiques human nature. It should be seen more than once."

James Westgate Snell

Reviews for Skin are In!

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