Introducing Guest Artist Michael Dobbin

November 26, 2014

What do you do outside of Rosebud?
I am a free lance director and actor, based in Vancouver, working internationally, and travelling.

What have been some favourite shows you've been a part of?
As a Director, Angels in America at ATP is my fave. As an actor, Matt in Talley's Folly is my all-time fave.

If you got to go to Narnia, who would you be most excited to meet?
Every performance, during act I, I, as Aslan, am overwhelmed by my desire to meet the Children who have come to help make the Narnia of the future by fulifilling my prophesy.
It is the Children who I would seek out if it were me.

What has been a highlight of being in Rosebud for this show?
The joyful energy of the company, the deep quiet of the place, the enthusiasm of the audiences!

What are some of your non-theatre related special talents/interests?
My dog Clinton, my role as Chair of the Theatre at the Performing Arts Lodge in Vancouver where I live, my contacts with long-standing friends (friendships take effort as one grows older and people live further away), my wintering in Mexico at San Miguel d' Allende, another of the world's magical "thin places" where art-making, living, and God are very close.

Is there anything else you'd like people to know about you?
I am learning how to be a painter, taking lit-drawing classes in San Miguel d' Allende and I am directing Steel Magnolias there at the new San Miguel Theatre Company, in March 2015.

I love to ride my bicycle in Stanley Park in Vancouver, when I am there and I have a lovely balcony garden at my place at PAL in Coal Harbour.

I have an affiliation with W!LD Rice Theatre in Signapore and with The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre in Hong Kong. I am a Trustee and active member of St.Andrew's-Wesley United Church in Vancouver.

I am NOT retired!

Introducing Guest Artist Michael Dobbin

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