Tent Meeting in Rosebud

It's a summer of drought, with George and Dolly living in two solitudes - he outside in the yard railing at the heavens and she inside a tidy well-kept house, practicing piano for the tent meeting coming to town. When the meeting does come, it brings an old friendship gone sour. This is the story about a tent meeting around which long lost friendships and a marriage are restored in a troubled time. It is a story about gospel music and the mystery of four part harmonies that entertain and reach their melodies deep into the spirit!  Read More

Arts, Culture, & Adventure

Join Rosebud for a VIP Theatrical Adventure and cultural experience to beautiful BC in October. Cross the province in a Anderson Vacations' luxury coach with experts in entertainment and theatre. Rosebud Theatre's Artistic Director, Morris Ertman, and Theatre Manager, Mark Lewandowski play your hosts during this fun filled trip providing insight and behind-the-scenes knowledge about the theatre scene. Me & the Mrs., Paul Zacharias and Heather Pattengale will be on board to entertain between Morris' epic stories and Mark's technical secrets. Read More

Four Critter Nominations for Outside Mullingar

Well the critics agree - Outside Mullingar is a show not to be missed! After a long day of deliberation, Calgary Theatre Critics, Jenna Shummoogum, Louis Hobson, Stephen Hunt and Rodrigo Flores narrowed down a year's worth of outstanding theatre to a list of nominees for categories celebrating the Calgary theatre scene, Outside Mullingar being on this list four times!   Full List of Nominees

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