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The Diaries of Adam and Eve

By Mark Twain
Directed by Morris Ertman

A timely comedy about Eden’s first couple and all they did to fall in (and stay out of!) love.


Adam is an uncomplicated single man in the most amazing place on earth. It’s a good life - discovering and naming animals, adventuring, eating, drinking, sleeping. But a curious new creature has entered the garden, and she talks … a lot. Industrious and smart, Eve has a mind to get to know this other creature with two legs and a frown -  and throwing things at him seems to get his attention every time. Hilarious and romantic, Mark Twain will leave you charmed and maybe, just maybe, a little bit more in love.

Adult Tickets are $79.

September 7 to October 20, 2018

Rosebud Theatre Opera House

Matinee Shows at 1:30pm:

Wednesdays through Saturdays

Meal starts between 11:00am & 12:00pm.

Evening Shows at 8:00pm:

Saturdays & Friday September 7, October 12 & 19

Meal starts between 5:30pm & 6:30pm.

Why This Show

Watching a new romance unfold is probably the most entertaining activity there is. Courtship is crazy! It's as if people lose their minds in the give-and-take of sharing their hearts. That might be why parents and uncles and aunts become armchair matchmakers. Mark Twain couldn't resist playing imaginary matchmaker on behalf of the Almighty in the very first human romance. His Adam and Eve are so crazy and so sweetly funny, it made me laugh.

Morris Ertman, Rosebud Theatre Artistic Director

On May 13th treat mom to the special day she deserves.

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