Box Office & Group Sales Manager

Effective: Open until position is filled

Accountability: Reports to the Marketing & Communications Manager & Director of Finance

Position: Full-time salary

Hours: Some weekend and evening work will be required

Location: On-site in Rosebud, Alberta

Summary: Join a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about great theatre, training young artists, and enriching people’s lives.

Rosebud Theatre & School of the Arts (RTSA) is looking for a highly skilled individual who has leadership skills, is a team player, and has a vision for rebuilding RTSA’s group sales post-pandemic. Working closely with the Marketing & Communications Manager, the Box Office & Group Sales Manager will research and expand group relations and create new pathways for groups to engage with Rosebud. They will ensure the box office is being run smoothly and efficiently and contribute to the attainment of Rosebud’s overall audience targets.

The ideal candidate is a friendly, authentic and innovative professional with a passion to connect and cultivate growth and engagement. They have some marketing training and/or experience, great customer service skills, and have the ability to master Rosebud’s ticketing software (Theatre Manager). They have a passion for the performing arts and a desire to engage personally with the public. They are a leader, community-minded, and able to inspire their colleagues to bring their best self to their work. They understand Rosebud’s unique brand and can contribute to embodying that vision forward in all communication with the public.

The Box Office & Group Sales Manager will also be an integral part of the development team, involved in donor management and providing critical data from Rosebud’s database.

The Box Office & Group Sales Manager will report regularly at Management Meetings and is a member of the Marketing Team. This position is salaried and comes with a benefit package.

Job Function:

  1. To provide leadership for RTSA’s box office & group sales initiatives
  2. To be an active and integral member of the Marketing & Communications Team
  3. To create, coordinate and effectively implement the RTSA’s group sales plan
  4. To support development initiatives with data-driven support based on Rosebud’s database

Expected Results:

  1. Smooth and efficient running of RTSA’s box office
  2. Increased group attendance at RTSA’s performances, concerts, and events, that will meet or exceed targets
  3. RTSA shows, concerts, events, etc., are well represented to all who engage with the box office
  4. Rosebud patrons feel respected, cared for, and heard when interacting with the box office
  5. RTSA’s patron and donor base is well managed

Required Skills:

Applications: To apply please send the following to

  1. A resume(s) with both relevant and potentially related experience
  2. A cover letter including reasons why this position may be a good fit for you

The mission of Rosebud School of the Arts is about enriching lives by expressing God’s gifts of creativity, hope, joy, forgiveness, and love through the arts.

We believe that every person is created in the image of God and that all of humanity reflects different facets of God's character. We believe that all fall short of reflecting God’s true spirit, but we also believe in the promise of redemption for all.

Within this context, RSA strives to honour and respect the diverse cultures, languages, abilities, and perspectives that each staff member brings to the organization.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that welcomes the humanity of our students, staff, contract instructors, guest artists, board members, donors, and patrons. RSA is committed to providing a supportive work and educational environment where the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion are trained, fostered, and intentionally practiced. Through conscious reflection, and deliberate action and discussion at all levels, we aim to create a culture of care and safety where diversity can flourish.

All personnel policies related to employment – including hiring, compensation, promotion, benefits, job assignments, transfers, lay-offs, return from lay-offs, company sponsored programs or events, etc. – will be implemented without discrimination toward race, colour, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, family status, age, language, or national origin.

RSA is committed to recruiting and retaining a group of diverse, qualified staff members who advance RSA’s mission in their respective vocations. Through a fair and equitable hiring process, RSA considers the qualifications and values of each candidate as the primary criteria upon which hiring and promotion decisions are made.