On March 12 Harmony through Harmony is partnering with RSA's Rosebud Chorale for an afternoon of vocal delight at Harmony in the Valley. Those familiar with Rosebud may already know Rosebud Chorale, but who exactly is Harmony through Harmony?

Harmony through Harmony (HtH) is a network of signing ensembles that exist to build communities where we expand worldviews in order to develop leaders who will impact culture through the fight for justice.

Each week HtH ensembles gather to share meals, discuss current events and sing together as they explore and express their thoughts, beliefs and values. The repertoire and weekly discussion curriculum are specifically chosen to promote and inspire social justice for the oppressed. They are motivated to be activists performing to inspire, educate and serve others. It is from this focus on addressing injustice through music that Harmony through Harmony has earned the tagline: voices for the voiceless.

By 2021, HtH aims to have multiplied beyond Calgary to have another ensemble in Alberta, in Canada and in another country.

As an extension of its mission, participants are encouraged to participate in Learning and Serving trips. On trips, participants learn about different forms of abuse of power and build relationships with Christians who are working together to fight for justice. To date, HtH has traveled to South Africa (2011), Winnipeg and Southern Ontario (2013), Edmonton for the final Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2014), India (2014) and Saskatchewan (2015). In the next 6 months, HtH hopes to travel to Eastern Europe.

Whether performing for churches, the under-privileged or fundraisers for not-for-profit organizations, HtH shares a message of hope with its audiences. Since its start in 2009, HtH has launched over 30 leaders, multiplied from one to three ensembles and helped raise over $500 000 for other organizations.

HtH believes we are all invited to discover how we can be a part of God’s redemptive plan for the world.

May you be inspired to use your talents to be an agent of change!


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