Auction Closed.

Thank you to everyone who generously bid and supported Rosebud Theatre.

From March 8 to May 25, Rosebud Theatre hosted a silent auction featuring the artwork of five prominent Calgary artists – Audrey Mabee, William Duma, Joan Sveen, Mychael Maier, and Ernie Klassen. With your support we were able to raise $3700. This money will be put towards the maintenance of our historic buildings.

Bidding is now closed. Top bidders for each painting are listed below. We will contact you to arrange payment and delivery or pick-up of your artwork.

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The Art

Fall Colour with Clouds

William Duma

16” x 12” Framed

Current Bid: $1500

M. Ryan

The Long Road Home

Ernie Klassen

16" x 12” Framed

Current Bid: $700

H. Fredrich

Good Place to be a Cowboy

Audrey Mabee

24” x 20” Framed

Current Bid: $400

L. Haskayne

Flesh Tone Iris

Mychael Maier

10” x 20”

Current Bid: $450

J. Davison

Hay Meadows

Joan Sveen

20” x 16”

Current Bid: $650

M. Lister

The Artists

William Duma

Ernie Klassen

Audrey Mabee

Mychael Maier

Joan Sveen

Do you know the history of our buildings?

After the war, the Alberta Pacific Grain Company planned to demolish a large grain bin but it was saved by a committee of townspeople and farmers for use as a hall.  It was cut in two and moved up from the tracks to its present site and later became the Rosebud Opera House.

The south half of the Haskayne-Kenney Mercantile was originally was a general store selling fruit and vegetables, butchered meat, hardware, clothing, dry goods, sewing supplies and patent medicines. It was known as the Rosebud Mercantile Co. Store and opened in 1918. Rosebud Centre of the Arts expanded the building in 2010.

In 1922, built by a joint effort of many denominational backgrounds, what is now the Akokiniskway Gallery opened its doors as a Presbyterian Church. Later, in 1925, the Rosebud Church became a member of the newly formed United Church of Canada.  It closed it’s doors as a church in 1972 and is now used as a performance space, an art gallery and a recording studio.

Built in 1913, the Rosebud Hotel was originally built to accommodate land seekers passing through Rosebud.  In the 1970’s, Rosebud Fellowship bought the building to use for classrooms and a dormitory.  Today, the Hotel is used as the Administration Offices for Rosebud Centre of the Arts.

Help us maintain these precious buildings by donating TODAY.